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Support Services

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  • Predict, prevent and respond to issues
    Regular, scheduled maintenance and real-time monitoring means proactive intervention before issues escalate. Even minor downtime decreases productivity and operational efficiency, increases costs and heightens risk to your workers and your community.
    Tait support provides proactive, priority attention and commitment at the level you require, for each aspect of your network. Experts take care of software compatibilities, hardware maintenance and monitoring performance to substantially reduce outages.
  • Reduce maintenance, repair and inventory overhead
    Regular, scheduled maintenance carried out by certified technicians can measurably extend the economic life of your radio equipment. Tait can manage your hardware more effectively, with an upfront, predictable cost and guaranteed time to repair. We can free up your back-office resource for more important duties, and manage your inventory and spares overhead more effectively than you can in-house, or with third party contractors.
  • Keep your network optimized and extend equipment life
    Remote system monitoring, regular system and network performance checks and proactive software updates all contribute to optimized network performance. However, as digital radio technology continues to develop, new applications and opportunities become available. Tait is committed your communications future, continually striving to deliver advanced solutions that are relevant to your organization.
  • Reduce response and recovery times
    Today more than ever, network operators must prove that they are prepared. Critical communications require expert support that guarantees response and recovery times and support your performance parameters. You choose the level of response you need, confident that Tait experts will resolve critical performance issues and communications outages more efficiently and quickly than in-house staff.

Key Support Services

  • Support Agreement
    Support your back office and keep your network optimized with the precise level of support you need.
  • Health Check
    Assesses, benchmarks and reports on every aspect of your network performance.
  • Software Updates and Upgrades
    Evaluates, plans and deploys radio equipment software enhancements.
  • Extended Product Warranty
    Selectable, Flexible warranty cover for your radio network equipment.
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Customers commit to ARABIAN COMMUNICATIONS because its people have a proven track record of taking the time to listen, understand and act upon customer requirements.

For professionals who need reliable and robust communications , ARABIAN COMMUNICATIONS is the right fit because our solutions enable users to Keep themselves safe,Protect and serve the community ,Communicate with confidence ,Be more effective, efficient and flexible.