Quality and Reliability

Designed and built to the gruelling American standard MIL spec 810F and exceeding the exacting IP54 standard for environmental protection, all Commercial Series radios have also passed the Motorola Accelerated Life Test which replicates five years of hard use in the field.

Excellent Audio Quality

The Motorola X-Pand™ audio enhancement system helps to ensure that voice communications are heard first time, every time, even in noisy working environments

Continuous Communication

The ‘repeater talkaround’ function allows users to stay in touch should the radio repeater for their area stop working or when users work beyond its range. Repeater talkaround is particularly useful where the electricity supply can be unreliable – often when communication is most important.

Budget Conscious

Not only does the Commercial Series offer a fantastic range of features in one of the smallest packages on the market, but users of other Motorola mobile radios like the GM300, GM350 and GM900, can reuse many of their existing accessories, saving time and money. All radios are supplied with a microphone, mounting bracket and power cable.

Easy to Use

A simple single-digit display, up to ten channels of communication and two programmable buttons (allowing up to four single-push functions) make the radio easy to use.

Targeted Communication

Selective calling lets users talk one-to-one without disturbing the rest of the team, ideal when sensitive issues occur.

Targeted Communication

Selective calling lets users talk one-to-one without disturbing the rest of the team, ideal when sensitive issues occur.

Installation Versatility

The Commercial Series mobile radios are truly DIN mountable and offer a number of other mounting options. For added security, the keylock mount guards against unauthorised removal. A desktop tray with integrated speaker is also available for use in an office or control room.

Intelligent and Customisable

The Commercial Series is supported by a range of accessories that personalises an individual’s radio. These include microphones and steering wheel mountable and foot-operated PTT buttons for safe usage of driver-operated radios.

Protecting Users and Equipment

Looking after employees and resources is paramount to stay ahead. With this in mind, the radios feature ‘emergency mode’. A single button press is all it takes to alert colleagues or base that assistance is required. With ‘lone worker’ function, the radio can be set up to request a response from a user at regular intervals. If the user is unable to give the ‘okay’ message then a defined emergency procedure is activated.

A Mobile Radio that Fits Your Business

The versatile Commercial Series mobile radios are particularly suitable for the cost-conscious and fast moving taxi and courier/distribution markets where data capabilities allow quick transmission of passenger and delivery information. For agricultural and environmental organisations, lone workers are protected by built-in safety features so that help and advice from colleagues is only a button press away. Within local government operations, one-to-one calling is ideal for contact between supervisor and team member without disturbing busy colleagues


CM-340 repeater


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