Motorola’s MTM800 Enhanced TETRA control head sets the standard for new levels of durability, performance and usability. Developed for organisations where rugged and versatile mobile radios are essential, it builds on the key components of Motorola’s field-proven and trusted TETRA platform, placing information at the finger.

• Ease-of-operation in the most demanding situations – unsurpassed audio quality, intuitive keypad and high-definition, colour display combined with a sleek yet durable design

• Dust and water resistant to IP 54. Rain, salt, fog, and dust protection tested to MIL 810 C/D/E/F for the standard control head

• Motorcycle control head rated IP67 for dust and water resistance

• Comprehensive model options available – for use in the office, in a vehicle - car, boat, motorcycle

• User training and familiarisation easier by design. Features the same cellular-style menu, icons and colour display that have established Motorola's MTH800 handheld and MTP850 portable

• Multiple language capability – support for European, Arabic and Cyrillic characters (plus many others)

• Access and query information on the move – integrated WAP* browser and Multi Slot Packet Data provide unique, high-bandwidth connectivity for real-time access to mobile office applications and user databases

• Tailor to specific requirements. Faster programming and connectivity via USB, ETSI compatible Peripheral interface (PEI) and programmable I/O ports* ensures tighter integration with third-party applications

• Full suite of TETRA security functions – air interface, SIM card* and end-to-end encryption

• Receive assistance when and where it is needed – hitting the emergency button not only alerts colleagues to critical situations but sends and updates dispatch on the user’s location

• Switch to covert mode at the press of a button

• Integrated GPS receiver delivers locationbased services. Knowing where your resources are enables you to allocate tasks based on up to date information

• Transform workflows and improve performance with the highest levels of network security, resilience and value available. Motorola’s TETRA solutions leverage more than 75 years of excellence in the most critical and demanding

• Stay at the forefront of TETRA development with a future-proof platform that meets the promise of the broadband world tomorrow.

• Build on the widest portfolio base in the industry. Motorola’s in-house technologies, solutions and best-in-class business relationships deliver the complete TETRA solution.

• Compatibility and interoperability assured. As an early pioneer of TETRA, Motorola has been a driving force in standards’ developments and product innovation.


MTM800E mobile

MTM5400 mobile with Keypad
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