TM8000 Data

TM8000 Data

TM8000 Data – Overview

The Tait TM8000 mobiles are reliable and high performance mobile radios. Easy to integrate and to customize, each is ideal for voice and data communications. Even a simple system represents a long-term investment that can be adapted as your business needs evolve.

The Tait TM8000 mobile radio range includes a range of products designed specifically to support the development of business solutions for the rapidly growing mobile data market. Tait's TM8000 data mobile offering includes solutions to suit a range of industries and applications such as utilities, transportation and AVL integration.

All TM8000 data radios can easily connect to external modems through a choice of interfaces, whilst also including built-in data modems. The TM8105 is part of Tait's conventional mobiles range, while the TM8252 operates in dual mode.

The TM8252 has a MAP27 interface as standard with no additional hardware needed. This makes the radio a cost-effective building block in end-to-end radio communication solutions.

Data mobile highlights:

  • 25W, 40W (UHF), 50W (VHF) power output
  • Voice and data capable
  • Easy to integrate and customize
  • Rugged construction and robust RF performance
  • Built-in modems
  • Optional 12kbps high speed data modem
  • Direct Connect GPS




100-channel Conventional Data Radio

  • Up to 100 channels available via CCDI
  • Blank control head - no display



Dual Mode Conventional/MPT Trunked Data Radio

  • 1500 conventional channels
  • Built in MAP27 support
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